Does a foetus count as a passenger in a car?

A pregnant lady in Texas intends to fight a ticket she got for driving in the high-inhabitance vehicle path alone,...

Saying the overturn of Roe v. Swim implies her unborn kid considers a passenger.

Brandy Bottone was stopped on U.S. Highway 75 South on June 29 and given a $215 ticket. The event was initially covered by the Dallas Morning News.

Is there anyone else in the car, the officer inquired as he peered in. Bottone cited the outlet.

"My baby girl is right here," I remarked, pointing to my stomach. She is a living being.

The Plano, Texas, citizen was informed by an officer from the Dallas County Sheriff Department that according to the law,...

HOV lane users are required to have at least one passenger in the car, and that passenger must be on the outside of the body.

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